• Service of computer equipment and service of peripherals

    We offer help as regards service and configuration of computer, monitors, printers, scanners, faxes and all other peripherals. We repair and maintain damaged hardware as well as software elements. You can entrust us your computer equipment safely – we guarantee reliability and precision of diagnostics as well as repair. Thanks to the skills of our specialists your computer or laptop will start operating immaculately again.

    If you have problem with your computer equipment, contact us and we will help you to solve it for sure.

    Creating computer networks

    Computer networks make the operating of big companies and institutions easier. Easy and fast access to common data, simple usage as regards devices connected to many computers, accessible manner of communication between users are only few advantages of creating a computer network inside of the company. Such a network is definitely improving the work in different types of institutions.

    If you are interested in creating computer network in your own company, contact us to obtain the offer.

    Modernization of computer network

    Computer networks mean immense facilitation of work in each company. Common usage of data, computer equipment and improved communication between the users make the institution operate more efficiently. However, if the elements of the network are not updated and modernized on time, the connections between the points can fail. For that reason, it is crucial to improve the network systematically.

    Do you need to modernize your computer network? Contact us to check our offer.

    Designing IT infrastructure

    IT infrastructure consists of mainly devices and programs supporting the operations of the companies, institutions and organizations. Proper designing will support the operating of the company by creating efficiently working IT system. Effectively operating transfer of data between devices and users will surely influence the communication inside of the company.

    If you plan to create an IT structure in your company, contact us and we will design it for you.

    Creating monitoring system

    The monitoring systems as well as surveillance camera systems constitute currently one of the best ways to ensure safety inside of the company. Video cameras placed in proper places can monitor the entire building and its surrounding, making the work of the security guards easier. They will also support the operating of those departments which require monitoring and communication between remote premises. We specialize in industrial buildings and places which are difficult to be accessed.

    Have you decided to install monitoring system? Contact us and we will help you to create an effective network.

    Service of cameras and monitoring equipment

    Monitoring networks, surveillance cameras and recording systems are currently present in most companies. Regular maintenance, replacement of damaged parts and service provide the highest quality of image and no irregularities as regards the registered image. Taking care of an operational monitoring system should take place on a regular basis to control the work of the existing network of cameras and other equipment.

    If you are looking for an experienced company providing complex services as regards the maintenance and modernization of monitoring network and surveillance camera – contact us.


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