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    Gravizz Management specializes in distribution as well as in servicing IT equipment and industrial automation. We design and construct monitoring systems, providing the software and hardware solutions for companies, institutions and offices. The company obtained the third degree industrial safety certificate in 2010.

    Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service and output to meet the requirements of all our customers
    Safety, diligence and creativity in the daily challenges posed by our demanding customers are important to us.
    We are distinguished by building lasting value in relationships with our customers and suppliers.


    Repair, configuration as well as servicing computer and computer equipment.
    Designing and creating computer networks consisting of computers, other devices and software.
    Improving the existing computer networks as regards the computer equipment and software.
    Designing the infrastructure consisting of the equipment and programs supporting the work of your company.
    Professional construction of monitoring systems as well as surveillance camera systems.
    Servicing, repair and configuration of image recording equipment.

    Gravizz Management is the Polish distributor of ELDOS software.

    Eldos Corporation is an international company specializing in the development software ensuring safety. Eldos products are designed both for the corporate market as well as for individual software developers. The company's mission is to help to provide security as regards important information.

    Eldos software has become the part of the network infrastructure and a key element of data protection in case of many institutions. The aforementioned software is used by government organizations, military units, universities and companies included in the list Fortune 500.

    Eldos Corporation has won the trust of many customers in more than 70 countries on 5 continents over the years of its operation.


    The company Gravizz Management specializes in selling software to forensic centers.

    Our offer covers software for any forensic analysis, including mobile devices. We also offer equipment and software for data recovery as well as their safe deletion.

    Thanks to using the appropriate programs and devices as regards the forensic field, institutions can collect and save electronic evidence (in other words, forensic evidence). In this way one can obtain forensic important evidence in case of suspected theft or destruction of data, network intrusion, fraud, disloyal employees or other cases of misdemeanor information. Forensic software supports the process of data recovery and secure deletion of data.

    Computer forensics technology, is used by many state institutions as well as organizations dealing with collection of important electronic data. Specialized programs collect, recover, analyze and present information in a form of a report devoted to the activities carried out on various media: computers and computer networks, on removable disks, servers, tablets and others. Moreover, software for forensic analysis is used to prevent incidents as regards the corporate network. You can find more information here: Gravsoft.pl

    Software research investigators - we offer all kinds of software for Computer forensics "Forensic"
    Equipment and software to recover data from all kinds of devices and media.

    Hardware and software for analysis of all the equipment in the field of IT including mobile devices and phones.

    Equipment and software for irreversible removal of data from all kinds of devices and media.


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